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1.1 Objective

The object of Putnam Youth Baseball, Inc. (The League or The Organization) is to inspire youth to practice the ideals of good health, citizenship and character. To bring youth closer together through means of common interest and the love of the game, to teach children the fundamentals of baseball, sportsmanship, fair play and teamwork.

1.2 Nonprofit Status

This organization is organized exclusively for charitable purpose within the meaning of section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Putnam Youth Baseball is a non- profit corporation.

1.3 Not permitted Activities

Notwithstanding any other provision of these Articles, the organization shall not carry on any other activities not permitted to be carried on by an organization exempt from Federal income tax as an organization described in section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code (or corresponding section of any future federal tax code).


2.1 Boundaries

The League shall provide baseball programs for students of, but not limited to, the Rex Putnam High School boundaries and to provide the ideals of good sportsmanship and integrity in all aspects of the program.

2.2 Rules of Operation

The league shall operate under the rules and guidelines of Clackamas County Junior Baseball Association (CCJBA) which is governed by Junior Baseball of Oregon (JBO).

In addition to the CCJBA league classifications, PYB shall also offer T-Ball and Rookie-Ball League classifications.
T-Ball ages shall be five (5), six (6) and seven (7) not to be eight (8) before August 1
s t of the current year.

Rookie-Ball ages shall be seven (7) and eight (8) not to be nine (9) before August 1s t of the current year.


3.1 Executive Board 

The government of the League shall be under the supervision of the Executive Board. This Executive Board shall have a membership of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Registrar.

3.2 Executive Board Duties

The Executive Board will be the precipice of the board, being the primary leaders. The Executive Board will have the power to overturn any decisions if such accords have negative results affecting the league. The Executive Board may call for an Executive Board only meeting and make decisions absent of the Board of Directors, in emergency situations, where board grid lock may occur, or in situations where privacy may be with-standing.

3.3 Board of Directors

The Board of Directors serves membership in the following positions: Equipment Manager, CCJBA Representative, Fields Manager, Umpire Coordinator, Fundraiser Coordinator, Registrar, TBall/Rookie Coordinator, Web/Social Media Manager, Coach of Coaches and Members at Large. The Organization shall, at its discretion, have the option of combining or separating any position.

3.4 Term and Elections

The aforementioned Executive Board shall be elected annually for a one-year term. Elections will be held in November of each year. Any member of the board can be removed by a majority vote (more than half) for any reason deemed necessary.

3.5 Board Vacancies

Any openings occurring in either board through resignation or dismissal shall be filled at the next scheduled board meeting, either by nomination of a new member, or by assigning a current board member to serve in the interim until a new member is found. The new member or interim board member will be decided by a majority vote of the League members present. The board will list any open positions on any social media platform and it’s website until they are filled. If the president is to leave the board before their term is complete, the Vice President will fulfill the duties of the President for the remainder of the term.

3.6 Board Position Descriptions

1. President:
●  Presides over regularly scheduled meetings.
●  Prepares Agenda for Meetings with input of all board members.
●  Delegates duties and organizes committees as he or she deems necessary.
●  Offers support to all members of the board.
●  Administers coach selection process.
●  Assists Vice-President with team formation.
●  Represents the League in the community as the face of the league.
●  Arrange and schedule a photographer for team photos for the league.
●  The President is authorized to disburse league monies in the treasurer's absence.
●  The President votes only in the event of a tie and during any election of board members.

2. Vice-President:
●  Assists the President in all areas of responsibility.
●  Presides over meetings in the absence of the President.
●  Administers the annual player evaluations process.
●  Oversees team formation process.
●  Oversees all player activity, including addressing any formal request or complaint from a player’s parent or guardian.
●  Handles and league complaints.
●  Oversees the Coach of Coaches.
●  The Vice President is a voting position.

3. Secretary:
●  Takes accurate minutes at all regularly scheduled meetings.
●  Distributes copies of minutes to all Board members prior to the next scheduled meeting, makes any changes if needed. Minutes must be approved by the board at the next scheduled meeting.
●  Takes Attendance at meetings and determines voting eligibility of members.
●  Compares bank statement to treasurer’s report from each meeting. Addresses any discrepancies during next meeting.
●  The Secretary is a voting position.

4. Treasurer:
●  Keeps accurate records of all money transactions.
●  Prepares budget at the beginning of each fiscal year (November). Budget should be voted on and passed by the board before any League monies are spent. Any League money over $50 that is not budgeted requires a majority vote (more than half) before being spent.
●  Responsible for all disbursement of Association money.
●  Submits a financial report to the Board at each regularly scheduled meeting that includes, at minimum: beginning balance (from the previous meeting), itemized summary of all income, itemized summary of all expenses, and current balance. A current bank statement should be available for board review.
●  Responsible for timely filing taxes each year and/or submitting them to be filed.
●  Responsible for checking the PO Box monthly.
●  The Treasurer is a voting position.

5. Registrar:
●  Secures uniform ordering information for each player and coach and places order with supplier.
●  Receives all uniform materials from uniform supplier, and disburses to coaches prior to first league games.
●  Sets up teams through registration software.
●  Works with web/social media coordinator to advertise for upcoming season.
●  Works with vice president on team formation process and sends out notices to players and coaches.
●  Maintains registration system on website.
●  The Registrar is a voting position.

6. Equipment Manager:
●  Inventories all player and team equipment prior to season. Keeps records of what equipment is given out.
●  Secures any additional necessary player and team equipment prior to season along with accurate receiving paperwork.
●  Disburses and all player and team equipment at the beginning of season to coaches.
●  Secures all player and team equipment from coaches at the end of season.
●  Reports any damaged or lost player and team equipment to the Executive Board.
●  Arranges secure storage of player and team equipment in the off-season.
●  The Equipment Manager is a voting position.

7. CCJBA Representative:
●  Attends all Clackamas County Junior Baseball Association meetings.
●  Reports on those meetings to the membership at regularly scheduled meetings.
●  Responsible for submitting all required paperwork to the Clackamas County Junior Baseball Association.
●  Assists President and Vice-President with addressing any formal complaint related to a coach or a player.
●  The CCJBA Representative is a voting position.

8. Fields Coordinator:
●  Applies for field use with the North Clackamas School district or parks department for each season’s needs.
●  Reviews CCJBA schedules and identifies field conflicts. Supervises coaches’ rescheduling of games due to field conflicts, inclement weather, or other reasons. Keeps a master schedule of all league games for all levels. Forwards updated master schedule to President and Umpire Coordinator.
●  Maintains fields, hires weed control, orders turface or dirt as needed. Arranges for install.
●  Arranges for Toilet delivery and locks at each field location.
●  Works with Equipment manager to get teams necessary keys/pass codes.
●  Handles requests for all field related issues from coaches.
●  Attends all field scheduling meetings.
●  The Field Coordinator is a voting position.

9. Umpire Coordinator:
●  Schedules umpires for all league games.
●  Verifies Schedules with Umpires priors to games.
●  Reports any issues with Umpires.
●  The Umpire Coordinator is a voting position.

10. Fundraising Coordinator:
●  Contact local businesses who may be interested in sponsoring the League.
●  Responsible for developing and managing all fundraising efforts.
●  Coordinate league fundraising event for Spring Baseball.
●  Coordinate restaurant nights.
●  Send thank you letters for donations.
●  Share sponsors/donors on website and work with social media coordinator to post appreciation.
●  Works to create fanware sales.
●  The Fundraising Coordinator is a voting position.

11. T Ball and Rookie Coordinator:
●  Represents and forwards the interests of the T-Ball and Rookie levels.
●  Promotes development of T-Ball and Rookie programs.
●  Meets with coaches prior to season start to offer coaching resources.
●  The T Ball/Rookie Coordinator is a voting position.

12. Web/Social Media Coordinator:
●  Maintains Association websites
●  Sends out all Association broadcast emails.
●  Maintains Association Social Media accounts.
●  Posts all current board vacancies on social media accounts.
●  The Web/Social Media Coordinator is a voting position.

13. Coach of Coaches:
●  Supports Coaches with parental issues, player issues.
●  Handles any issues with coaches.
●  Plans pre season meeting with coaches to go over season.
●  Finds trainings available for coaching and presents to board for consideration.
●  Helps acquire required documentation from coaches as needed.
●  The Coach of Coaches is a voting position.

14. Fall Ball Coordinator:
●  Coordinate Fall Ball season with Milwaukie Youth Baseball.
●  Collect Checks/Keep Track of payments made by fall ball teams.
●  Sets up teams for Putnam Youth Baseball.
●  Schedules Volunteers for the 4 Sunday games assigned to Putnam Youth Baseball.
●  Coordinates Umpires as needed.
●  The Fall Ball Coordinator is a voting position.

15. Member At Large:
●  Assists with any duties delegated to them by the president.
●  Offers support to board members.
●  A Member at Large is eligible to vote after they have attended the 2 most recent meetings. At the next meeting, they may begin participating in voting.

3.7 Background Checks:
All Board Members will be background checked.


4.1 Meeting Types
There shall be two types of meetings: the Executive and the General. In the Executive meeting, Executive Board members only shall be present. Any additional parties to any parts of Executive meetings are at the discretion of the Board. General meetings are open to anyone who has an interest in promoting the purposes of JBO, CCJBA, and Putnam Youth Baseball. Monthly meetings shall be considered general meetings. Executive meetings are only scheduled if needed at the discretion of the Executive board.

4.2 Majority Vote

A majority of the Board members must be present for any vote to be constituted. Majority is defined as two thirds of the current board. A meeting can take place without a minimum, however, no transaction of business shall be taken without a majority vote. Board members who are not present are not allowed to vote, unless by written vote (an emailed statement sent to the entire board expressing their views and how they would like to vote). Written votes could only be done for items listed on the agenda that an absent voter would know about prior to the meeting taking place. For matters that require a vote which cannot wait until the next board meeting, a vote may be taken by email and would require response from at least two thirds of all members. If a vote results in a tie, the president shall cast the tie breaking vote.

4.3 Meeting Order

The issues at hand shall dictate all meetings. Board members are free to express opinions and vote on issues intended to govern any aspect of the League as deemed necessary. The General meetings shall have, but are not limited to, the following format:
●  Meeting Called to Order
●  Roll Call
●  Report of Secretary
●  Treasurer’s Report
●  Report of any members who are on agenda
●  Resolution of Outstanding Business
●  New Business
●  Questions and Answers
●  Next Meeting Date Confirmation
●  Adjournment

4.4 Not included in By-Laws

For any rules not outlined in the by-laws, decisions will be made by majority vote of board members.

4.5 Attendance

Board members are expected to attend all board meetings. If a board member does not attend at least two of the last three scheduled meetings at any time, a vote must be taken on whether termination is just.


5.1 Amendments

Amendments can be made to the by-laws at any time by majority vote. The purpose of the organization cannot be amended.


6.1 Dissolution

Dissolution of the organization must be voted by a majority vote. Upon reaching an agreement to dissolve the organization and after paying or adequately providing for the debts and obligations of the organization, any remaining assets shall be distributed to the Clackamas County Junior Baseball Association.

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