Putnam Youth Baseball

Draft Policy

Revised 11/2014

  • The sole purpose of Putnam Youth Baseball is for the betterment of the youth in all aspects of the game.

T-ball/Rookie Ball

  • The board will form the teams at the T-Ball and Rookie Ball level based on parent preference and availability.

  • Rookie and T ball teams will have no more that 12 players on a team. The ideal number at these levels is nine so no one sits on the bench. The T ball / Rookie ball coordinator will set these teams and manage the number of players to meet this goal if possible.


  • The goal of the tryouts and draft process is to have a player participate at the level that equals the players abilities

  • The PYB board members will select independent evaluators for tryouts.

  • The skill or playing level of the players will be determined by the tryouts.

  • A three member draft committee selected by the PYB board will be in place to settle any disputes during the draft process and team formation.

Draft Eligibility

  • PYB will NOT accept out of district waivers.

  • For a player to be eligible for the draft he or she must participate in the tryout.

  • If a player is injured or physically unable to participate in the tryout, the evaluators will rely on the coach's opinion from his or her level of play the previous year. A doctor's note will be required.

  • If a player does not make any of the tryouts they will automatically be placed on the National level team in their age group.

  • The PYB board will determine and set the number on a team. The goal of PYB and its Coaches is and will be to allow every possible player that lives within the Putnam district and wants to play baseball to play baseball for Putnam.

Draft Order

  • At the highest level of play the head coach will select the players for his team before the continuation of the rest of the draft.

  • In the event of two or more teams at the same level, a coin toss will be used to determine the first pick in the draft followed by alternating picks for the remainder of the draft.

Roster Formation

  • Each roster will consist of a minimum of 12 players. If a roster spot becomes open a player will be moved up from another team to fill that open spot. This will be done at the board's approval.

  • Every team (midget, junior and seniors) will have a minimum of 12 players to start the season. If a player can not finish the season a player will be moved up to fill that slot from a lower team or lateral team (American to American) if that other team has more than 12 players.

  • There will be no more that 14 players on a national team. If more players are eligible, players will be moved up to the next level to make room. This will be done by assessment score from tryouts.

*Example - 27 players at a level. American level has 12 and National has 15. One player will be moved up to give the American level 13 players and the National will then have 14. This will continue up the levels until all players are on a roster that wants to play. Any variation from this process has to be approved by majority vote of the board.

  • Each player will play at his or her current grade level. For third and fourth grade this is the Midget Level. For fifth and sixth grade this is Junior Level. For seventh and eighth grade this is Senior Level. The only exception will be players playing Midgets instead of Rookie ball.

  • The county matrix will be used as a guideline for the selection of what levels the teams will participate at.

  • Any player movement after teams are selected MUST be determined and approved by the PYB board