Uniforms for 2017
Posted Dec 28, 2012

Here are the uniform requirements for the 2017 season,

League Provided:

Uniform Shirts - The league provides all players with a game jersey at all levels. Please make sure your players shirt size is listed correctly when registering.

Hats - All players will be provided a baseball hat. 

 Uniform Shirts and Hats are the players to keep at the end of the season

Player Provided:

Helmets -Black helmets will only be allowed. The league will NO longer provide helmets. There are several local outlets where you can purchase a helmet including OC Sports, Big 5 and Dicks Sporting Goods. 

Pants -

Midgets, Junior and Seniors will wear white pants with single black pinstripe down the leg

T Ball - Rookie ball will wear solid black pants


T Ball - Rookie ball: may wear rubber cleats or sneakers

Midgets and Junior:  Rubber Cleats 

Seniors: Rubber Cleats or may wear Metal Cleats (some fields may not allow Metal Cleats on pitching mounds)

Under Armor / Compression layers -

Although not required it is strongly encouraged as it will help keep body heat in to help prevent injury especially to the arm and shoulder for pitchers. Our uniform at all levels will black



Official Rule: 

Beginning January 1, 2013, all baseball bats in JBO, Inc. will be either "BPF 1.15" or "BBCOR" certified. Umpires are required to perform a pre-game inspection of all equipment, especially bats, to ensure proper certification.
Use of an illegal/altered bat shall be considered unsportsmanlike conduct and the player and Head Coach shall be ejected from the game. Both the ejected player & coach may be subject to further disciplinary action by the District and JBO, Inc. Board of Directors


This bat rule does not apply to T-ball or Rookie Ball.

 If you have any question please feel free to contact equipment@putnamyouthbaseball.com