Rookie ball

Rookie ball is designed for advanced 7 yr olds and 8 yr olds moving out of T Ball and playing at the next level. Rookie ball will start with the players hitting off the pitching machine and then half way thru the season they will move to hitting pitched balls by players.

This is designed to be the next step in getting ready for the midget level.

These games will either be held at Jennings lodge school or at Concord school.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I know what team I am on? There is a coach meeting on toward the end of March, and the coach's will receive their rosters at that time. You will be notified in early April. It is possible you will have only one or two days notice before your first practice.

When will practice start? Depending on your coach's preference, it is usually the middle of April.

When do games start? The first couple of weeks are typically only practices. When games start, we only play games. Some teams come to the game early to get some practice in before the game.

How long does the season last? The program will last into the last week of school, which ends in the middle of June.

How many days of the week does it involve? A maximum of two evenings per week. Some Saturdays may be involved depending how many teams we have.

What time of day does it involve? Weeknights, depending on your coaches preference. In the past, practices and games were 6PM-7PM. Saturday activity, if any, is usually in the morning.

Where do we play? Jennings Lodge Elementary, near the corner of River Road and Jennings Ave or at Concord Elementary on Concord Rd.

What does my child need to bring? Your child needs to bring a desire to play, and a baseball mitt. Avoid the cheap vinyl t-ball mitts. Look for the leather mitts. Cleats are recommended at this level. Baseball hats will be available after the first week of practice so you should bring a hat for the first few practices.

Are uniforms supplied? The league will supply team hats and shirts when they are available. Black baseball pants for about $10 are available at the local sporting goods stores.

Can I coach? Look at the Coaches Corner page for information on apply to be a coach. We also do criminal background checks so if you have a criminal history, there is no need to apply.

How can I help? Mark on your player registration form the boxes that apply to parents. You also can let your coach know that you are willing to help. Coaches need field assistants, bench monitors, team party planners and more! Just ask the coach.

Who do I contact before I hear from a coach? email the league at